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Is Your Property A Mosquito Zone?

The threat of West Nile virus is real, and so are other viruses mosquitoes can carry. Beyond mosquito repellent for protecting you and your family, we offer a long-term control program. For starters, we control adult mosquitoes on your property. Then, we turn our focus to elimination of existing mosquito larvae developing in standing water to control them before they become breeding, biting adults. We offer a dual approach to reducing mosquito populations, which, in turn, reduces the number that may carry such diseases as West Nile virus, encephalitis, dengue, malaria and canine heart worm. Unfortunately, not all of the mosquitoes you encounter on your property originate there. This means an ongoing treatment regimen is your best option for protecting you and your family, so you can continue to enjoy your outdoor activities.

What can I do to help reduce the number of mosquitoes around my property?

Eliminate water sources! A mosquito life cycle happens in four stages called a complete metamorphosis. These stages are egg, larvae, pupae, and finally adult. In order for them to develop from one life stage to the next, a water source is required. To help reduce the numbers around your property look for any water source and eliminate it. Sources such as bird baths, old flower pots that hold water, old tree holes that hold water, clogged gutters, and outdoor toys such as kiddie pools, wagons, etc.

How do you know if mosquitoes are carrying a disease?

It is impossible to tell. All forms of precautions are recommended, such as store-bought repellents. Professional control methods include two distinct control agents: adulticides, which kill adult mosquitoes, and larvicides, which prevent larval mosquitoes from becoming breeding, biting adults.

Will treatments totally eliminate the mosquitoes on my property?

No. With the migratory nature of mosquitoes, it is impossible to prevent one from flying into your yard. However, ongoing treatments will prevent mosquito infestations from developing on your property and will reduce the number of mosquitoes you see. Ideally, treating all the problem areas in your yard and your neighbors yards would be the most effective way to reduce mosquito numbers, ultimately providing you and your family with protection to enjoy your outdoor activities.

Are the products you use recommended for use around people and pets?

The products we use can be applied around people and pets with confidence.


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